Welcome to KenBell.com

I provide a variety of computer and internet services for the individual or small business in Gwinnett, Barrow, Walton and Rockdale Counties, including hardware and software support, networking, web design, and computer training. I offer competitive pricing and timely support.

Whether it's hardware and software configuration, networking, web design, or hands-on computer training, I've got you covered. I provide on-site, online and telephone support with flexible hours working around your schedule.

Remote Assistance Available!

If you are online and need help with a computer problem, just call 678-360-6895.

Our Computer Services Include

Hardware and Software Support

If you are having computer problems I can troubleshoot your PC and make any necessary repairs.

I can install a new operating system, add new software, or add memory, hard drives, or any other components to your system.

I can detect and remove viruses and spyware from your computer.

Home and Office Networking

Install a network and share your cable or DSL internet connection among all your computers. All networked computers can have access to files on each of the other networked computers. You can print to any printer connected to the network, regardless of which computer you are working on. With a wireless network you can surf the web while sitting by the pool, send email while watching television, access an on-line recipe from the kitchen, or word process and print while sitting on the front porch.

Web Design

Imagine a way to reach hundreds of people around the world with your own web site on a daily basis...

For small business a web site is an interactive tool that draws audiences into the web experience and produces results far more effectively than a static sales pitch or print advertisement ever could, helping you to optimize a return on your investment and produce tangible results.

For individuals a web site is a cutting-edge way to introduce you to the world! Your photos, artwork, writing samples, hobbies and interests, book/music reviews and favorite links can all come together under one roof, utilizing your own unique design and layout.

Whatever your web development goals may be, please feel free to contact us with a project outline and I will be happy to assist you right over the phone.

Our Internet Services Include

Computer Training

Learn in the privacy of your home or office, on your own computer. It has been proven that people who learn on their own personal computer retain more information. I customize training sessions to cover what you want to learn and schedule them for your convenience.